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Gift Cards

A gift card is always a good idea for dish lovers!


The value of the gift card can be adjusted. You can choose the date on which the gift card will be sent to the receiver. If you would prefer to send the gift card yourself or print it out, please input your personal email address in the place of the gift receiver’s email address. You will receive the gift card in PDF file format in your email.


We offer two types of gift cards:


❀ In-Store gift cards, which can only be used in our shop, Bulevardi 24, Helsinki. 

A printed gift card can also be purchased in our store.


Webshop gift cards, which can only be used in our webshop.

Webshop gift cards can only be purchased online and they are delivered via email as a PDF file. 


Both in-store and webshop gift cards are valid for six months.

Please note that it is currently not possible to pay for shipping costs with a webshop gift card. Picking up your order from our store is of course free of charge!