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These durable, washable, lovely colored Filt-net bags are made of certified cotton in France. The bag is always very handy to carry along. It is light-weight and compact and can therefore be easily folded into a purse or backpack. It can stretch to hold a wide array of goods. The net bag can also be used to store a variety of items.

Handles are 23 cm long.

Care: Machine washable in 30°C.

If you would like to order a net bag – no dishes – we’ll mail it in an envelope for €4,50. One envelope fits max. two bags.


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These net bags are made by a French textile company called Filt, in Normandy, France. They have been making net bags since 1860. Net bags have traditionally been used to carry fruits, vegetables and other food home from the market and grocery stores. This was the time before plastic bags were introduced. Filt-net bags are cute, light-weight and durable. It is always handy to carry a net bag along in case of surprises! On the product tag you can find the name of the seamstress who made the bag.

Weight .070 kg