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Stone ceramic bottle is perfect for preserving oil, vinegar and other liquids. It can even be used as a decorative item in your home due to its classic shape and size! The bottle is glazed on the inside, the glazing on the outside varies. The spout is included.

Measurements: diameter 7cm, 20cm tall

Volume: 0,5L


Tip: Compare these measurements with dishes you have at home. This will help you choose!

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These charming dishes are handmade in France in the Manufacture de Digoin ceramics factory in Burgundy, founded in 1875. The stoneware clay, prepared entirely inside the manufacturer’s workshop, comes from natural mineral materials originating from France. The pottery is fired at 1250°C.

Stoneware dishes are perfect for baking foods as well as for storing. For example pitchers made of stoneware store cold and keep drinks chilled longer than pitchers made out of other materials. Stoneware dishes also prevent odors transmitting, therefore distilleries and producers of preserved products have long chosen the bottles and jars of Manufacture de Digoin to store and preserve their products.

The manufacturer recommends placing the oven dish in a cold oven and then turning oven on, maximum temperature is 220°C. When taking the hot oven dish out from the oven, watch out for large changes in temperature. Don’t place it onto a cold counter but place a coaster underneath.

This dish is:

  • Handmade in France
  • It has been glazed with clear, shiny glaze or with matte glaze or it can be glazed with both – or some parts may not have glaze at all. The firing in very high temperature make the clay nonporous.
  • It is made for preparing, storing or for serving food.
  • Oven dishes are oven proof up till 220°C.
  • Microwave proof
  • Dishwasher safe
Weight 0.600 kg