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The Little Pottery Shop imports beautiful and sustainable ceramic pottery from Boleslawiec, Poland. Our shop can be found at Bulevardi 24, Helsinki.

We mainly sell ceramics from the Ceramica Artystyczna factory. The factory started production in 1950 to continue the production of ceramics, which was paused during World War II. Before the war, the town of Boleslawiec was a part of Germany and was known by the name of Bunzlau. This is why Boleslawiec ceramics are also known as Bunzlau ceramics.

The Little Pottery Shop’s ceramics selection and designs have been handpicked with love and thought. The Ceramica Artystyczna factory produces around 1000 different dishes, and their design selection is currently made up of more than 3000 different patterns and artwork. More than 200 people produce and hand-decorate the ceramic dishes.  In addition to the traditional circle and polka dot patterns, inspiration for designs are be found in nature: leaves, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, feathers, etc. The most famous design is the blue-and-white “peacock” Over the years, Ceramica Artystyczna has received various national and international awards and recognitions for their beautiful, sustainable, and quality ceramic products.

The town of Boleslawiec and it’s surrounding areas have been producing ceramic products since the Middle Ages. Ceramic pottery production is a perfect fit for the area since the soils are rich with clay – perfect for pottery!

Over the years Ceramica Artystyczna has received various awards and recognition for their quality products. The pottery is created with the use of molds, sanded for a smooth finish, and hand-decorated with brushes and stamps. The ceramic production uses colors that do not contain cadmium. The pottery is painted and decorated after the first round in the kiln. The second round in the kiln lasts 15 hours at 1240C. The ceramics become very durable:

– it stands oven temperatures up to 290C
– the pottery can be used in a microwave
– it is dishwasher friendly
– the strong glaze withstands most scratches and makes the dishes easy to clean